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Turtle & Buddy's is your one-stop-shop for entertaining and educational toys, games and books for your kids! Play fosters creativity, independence and helps our kids develop a love of learning. We can help you find the best toys, books and games for your kids that are fun, engaging and UNPLUGGED. We carry:

Discovery Toys products, whose toys and games are designed by child development experts to be fun, engaging and inspire learning and creativity.


Usborne Books & More, a publishing company with a proven record of high-quality books that will ignite a love of reading in your children.

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Allison Silletto, owner of Turtle & Buddy's, is an Independent Educational Consultant for Discovery Toys and Usborne Books & More. The views and opinions expressed on this website are those of Allison's and do not necessarily reflect the position of Discovery Toys or Usborne Books & More.

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