Teaching at home: JDEducational Curriculum, Part 1

Disclosure: I received the JDEducational Level 1, Module 1 for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed below are my own. Do you ever feel like you should be doing more? If you’re a stay-at-home mom, work-from-home mom, full-time-working mom or any other hyphenated type of mom, your answer is probably “yes”. I’m a full-time working mom … Read More

A Last Minute Christmas Craft {because I forgot about the party}

Last Minute Christmas Craft

I never thought I would be scared of a classroom of 4 year olds. But around this time last year, I had a moment. Let me paint the picture for you. Last year was Buddy’s first year in preschool. I went to “orientation” where I was told by the teacher “we ask that all parents sign up for helping with one … Read More

Step-by Step: How to throw a killer Pasta Party with your kids

Do you know any kids who like pasta? Maybe a better question is do you know any kids who DON’T like pasta? I’m a big fan of pasta. And I don’t believe anyone can call themselves a lover of noodles without having tried the real thing. I can’t, in good conscience, allow my children to proclaim pasta as their favorite … Read More

The great slime debate: to borax or not to borax?

Has your house been hit by the slime craze yet? If it hasn’t, I see it in your future very soon. Buddy came home from preschool asking to make some slime a few weeks ago. I’m a glutton for punishment, so I happily obliged. I knew enough about slime to know it was easy to make. But I also knew … Read More

An Open Letter: Everyone else isn’t doing it wrong

open letter featured image

This one’s for the mom who goes to dinner and wants to approach every family whose children are watching a screen. Or the one who walks in and out of the grocery store thinking “my kids will never act like that.” And especially to the moms who have ever written an online “open letter to the moms who do X”, this one’s for … Read More

Direct sales: when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em

How many times have you opened Facebook and cringed because of a friend’s post? It could be something embarrassingly stupid, TMI, or overly lovey about a significant other (they’re clearly compensating for something). But the cringiest of all cringe-worthy posts are the sales posts. We all have at least one friend who spends her entire day on Facebook. She’s constantly … Read More

Road Trip Essentials (when you’ve got the kids in tow)

This post contains affiliate links. For our family, summers mean some serious time on the road. Whether it’s 2-3 hour trips to visit family and friends or a 10+ hour road trip to get the beach, our minivan racks up the miles in June through August. And I’ll be honest, our van’s DVD player gets a workout on these trips. … Read More

DIY Kinetic Sand: Does it work?

kinetic sand

This post contains affiliate links. We’ve all seen that BabyFirstTV video. The one where they throw together some sand, corn starch, dish soap and water and they have high quality kinetic sand that looks oddly similar to the stuff sold in stores. Take a look through the comment section of that video and you’ll find a number of people who claim … Read More

How to start the day with an attitude of gratitude

attitude of gratitude

There are all sorts of concepts and skills that we, as parents, are supposed to teach our children. But do you know the one thing we won’t ever have to teach them? How to be selfish. That’s one of my pastor’s favorite lines. And it’s true. I never sat Turtle and Buddy down and said “okay, kids, this is what … Read More

DIY Abacus: a math activity for kids

I am not the craftiest person on the planet. But when I take time to make something myself, I want it to be useful. This holds true with the activities that I do with my kids, as well. My preschooler, Buddy, loves to count everything. And Turtle, the 2 year old, does her best. With 2 kids who seem to have … Read More