How to make a {local} move easy on the kids

family move

In case you were wondering where the heck I ran off to, I’m still here. Things have been crazy the past month because we moved. We went (literally) 3 minutes up the road but it’s been the hardest move by far. I have a few things I can blame that on – kids, amount of stuff to pack (we have so … Read More

DIY Bubbles and Bubble Wands

bubbles and bubble wands

Who here loves bubbles but gets tired of paying for something that will be spilled within minutes?? My kids are big fans of bubbles but I hate buying them for 2 reasons: They always get spilled (usually by me, on me). I hate shopping and don’t need another thing to forget at the store. Never fear! You can make your own bubble … Read More

How to start a family game night

Family game night. Kind of sounds like just another thing to do, amiright? I’m gonna guess that adding another commitment, another thing to schedule is not on the top of your to-do list. On the other hand, if you’re anything like me, a schedule keeps you sane and on track. I am a list person. If I have something on a … Read More

Unplugged: 4 Ways to Reduce Family Screen Time

Unplugged. I think that’s something we all need more of. But, let’s be honest, it’s a struggle to pull ourselves away from the lure of the shiny screen. I like shiny things. The other day, I finished a long day at work and picked the kids up from school. Both were in good moods and the heat had broken out of middle-earth … Read More

Easy DIY Calm Down Bottles

calm down bottle

Ever heard of a calm down bottle, calming bottle, sensory bottle or timeout bottle? Well, they’re all basically the same thing and shockingly easy to make. Buddy, Pap (my dad) and I decided to give it a shot and made two using corn syrup and the third using baby oil. (Heads’ up! This post contains affiliate links.) Calm Down Bottle Backstory … Read More

One more [car activity] for the road!

This past month was full of road trips for our family! I’m happy to report we successfully entertained both kids for the big trips with some toys and games. But I have one more car activity (and road trip) for ya! The kids have one more 3.5 hour drive to look forward to on Friday night. After this, we’re done traveling for a while. … Read More

The question that saved our family dinners.

dinner feature

“Eat your beans.” “One more bite.” “Just try it.” “You liked it the 1,200 other times you ate it!” “Get your hands out of your pants!” These are all things I say at dinner on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, our dinners are pleasant. But there is always at least one kid who needs a lot of encouragement to eat. And by … Read More

Prepping for a road trip with kids

road trip

I don’t want to sound like I wish life away, but I look forward to summer vacation all year round. And guess what? We hit the road on Saturday! This year, we’re heading to Hilton Head, SC and have a 10+ hour road trip ahead of us. With 2 kids under 4, I’m prepping more for the car ride than for the … Read More

5 Reasons why I love Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Word on the street is that Amazon Prime Day (July 12) is going to be bigger and better this year. This shouldn’t be too difficult since last year’s Prime Day completely fell flat of expectations. I am optimistically skeptical about this year’s deals, though. I will have my eye on things (Christmas is comin’ up, after all) but I’m not … Read More

{Easy} Backyard Obstacle Course

obstacle course feature

I’ve seen a number of very elaborate backyard obstacle courses floating around the interwebs recently. Some involve a boatload of pool noodles, others even required hammers and nails.  I love the idea but have to say, you really don’t need to put in that much effort to entertain or have fun with your kids. Don’t get me wrong, if you WANT … Read More