Play dough: An easy indoor activity

Summer heat hit hard this year! Last weekend we were up to 95° and 76% humidity. Normally I would suck it up and get the kids out side but that is well over my limit. We went for an early walk on Saturday morning thinking we would beat the heat of the day but I couldn’t hack it. I “feared … Read More

Terrible Threes outdo Terrible Twos

terrible threes

It’s happened. My 3 1/2 year old is starting to act like he’s 3. And not in a good way. The terrible threes We breezed through the “terrible twos” with very few problems. We had warning (by real people I trust) that the hardest age is actually 3, despite the 2-year old’s catch phrase. I took that to heart but … Read More

Dinner isn’t ready but your kid wants to play.

We’ve all been there. That moment when you get up to start making dinner and your little angel stops you. He grabs your hand and says “Mom, will you play with me?” It’s heart-wrenching to say no but, holy cow, you’re hungry. And, depending on how old your child is, offering to let them help in the kitchen may not … Read More

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk Paint!

Stickers, crayons, markers, paint…those are the go-tos every time Buddy asks to watch TV and my answer is no. He’s not always gung-ho about the stuff that is easy on me (stickers, crayons, markers) but he never balks at the idea of painting. So we do that, a lot. And then we played with sidewalk chalk paint at a friend’s house and it was the coolest … Read More

How decreasing toy clutter can increase attention spans.

This may sound crazy coming from a lady who sells toys and books but I’m going to let you in on a little secret: your kids don’t need a ton of toys. Kids learn through play but more toys does not necessarily equal more play or more learning. It’s more about quality, not quantity…and quality play is when they’re the … Read More

Why the internet and parenting just don’t mix.

Yes, I am aware I’m a parent on the internet but hear me out. The internet is an amazing thing. We have all the information we could ever want  at our fingertips, literally. This comes in handy when you’re having an argument about the definition of irony with your husband and want to prove him wrong. But, in my humble opinion, … Read More

The simplest activity helped get my garage clean.

Paper chains!  It’s so easy and inexpensive, yet I completely forgot about their fantastic-ness since becoming a parent.  Until 2 days ago. While Turtle and Buddy played in the driveway after school, I was preparing for an event. I was cutting out handouts with my handy dandy paper cutter (a version of this*) when Buddy asked to help.  He loves … Read More

4 steps to painting with the kids.

4 step paint party. Keep it simple.

Running a Tough Mudder: Take 2

Some of you might remember I did Tough Mudder in Vermont a long, long time ago and swore I would never do one again.  I’m here to tell you that I lied.  I did it again…sans the mountain and, dare I say, it was enjoyable.  I mean, the whole time we were out there I felt really dumb for spending … Read More

My first run post-Turtle

Your first run after a long break can be a great feeling.  Since running walking plodding through the Spring Chicago Half Marathon in May 2014, I haven’t done much of anything (except, you know, have a baby).  Last month, I started doing Jillian Michael’s “Beginner Shred”  which has been a great maternity-leave workout .  But it’s nothing like actually hitting the pavement.  Now … Read More