Are you trying to raise funds, toys or books for a personal goal or an organization? Turtle & Buddy’s has you covered! We have a variety of options that will help you meet your fundraising goals!

About our brands

Turtle & Buddy’s exclusively carries products from Discovery Toys and Usborne Books & More. By using the rewards programs these companies already have in place, we can help you meet your fundraising goals!

Discovery Toys

Discovery Toys is the premier learning toy company dedicated to helping children learn and grow through Pure Play. As a trusted brand for over 35 years, we specialize in premium quality, kid-powered learning products for children of all ages.



High quality, award-winning Usborne and Kane Miller books help make learning more successful! With a selection of over 2,000 titles, these enjoyable books help build a child’s self esteem and love of learning.

Toy Raiser

Your organization can earn free Discovery Toys products by inviting individuals and/or companies to purchase Discovery Toys for their personal use. Discovery Toys would then match 10%-20% of the sales in free product of your choice. 

Toy-Raiser Sales Discovery Toys Match (in free product):
$700 + 20%
$500-$699.99 18%
$250-$499.99 15%
$100-$249.99 10%

In addition to this rewards program, Turtle & Buddy’s will cover the shipping costs for free products for all toy-raisers that reach $500 in sales or more.

CASH OPTION: In lieu of free product matches, Turtle & Buddy’s can offer the following cash option.

Toy-Raiser Sales CASH OPTION (percentage returned to organization)
$700 + 10%
$500-$699.99 9%
$250-$499.99 7%
$100-$249.99 5%

If you are interested in receiving both product and cash, we can work together to design a custom program that will fit your needs.

Book Fair

Earn free books by hosting a book fair! Usborne will match 50% of all book fair sales in free books with free shipping. The minimum for full benefits is $250 in sales.

In addition, Turtle & Buddy’s will match a percentage of the book fair sales as a cash bonus, which can be put toward additional free books or used as a cash donation.

Book Fair Sales Cash Back (in addition to free books)
$1,000 + 10%
$800-$999.99 7%
$500-$799.99 5%
$250-$499.99 3%

CASH ONLY OPTION: In lieu of free books, your organization may decide to take advantage of the cash only option provided by Usborne Books & More. The minimum sales for a cash-only option are $750.

Book Fair Sales Cash Only Option
$3,000 + 25%
$2,000-$2,999.99 20%
$750-$1,999.99 15%

Cards for a Cause

Usborne Books & More proudly offers a unique program with value-for-money greetings cards and a high return to the organization raising funds. The Cards for a Cause Fundraising Program offers four boxed sets of 30 beautifully embellished cards with matching envelopes. Sell the card boxes for $30 each and you will keep $13* per box sold.

*If your organization is not tax exempt the amount due for taxes will be deducted from the total amount raised.

Box sets available to be sold are listed below.

  • All Occasion Box #1 comes in a charming organizer box with dividers. It includes an array of cards to meet most needs from birthdays to new home, and get well to weddings.
  • All Occasion Box #2 offers a similar selection as box #1 with a variety of new cards.
  • Thanks & Blanks Box is an adorable organizer box full of uniquely handcrafted greeting cards with colored envelopes. This set includes 19 blank cards and 11 Thank You cards.
  • Happy Birthday Card Box for Kids includes a wide range of Happy Birthday cards for kids of all ages. Cards have lots of fun details and colorful envelopes to match. Birthdays are a blast with this box!

cards for a cause fundraising

Turtle & Buddy’s is committed to doing whatever we can to improve the lives of children in our community. Contact us if any of these programs are of interest to your organization.