A Last Minute Christmas Craft {because I forgot about the party}

Last Minute Christmas Craft

I never thought I would be scared of a classroom of 4 year olds. But around this time last year, I had a moment. Let me paint the picture for you. Last year was Buddy’s first year in preschool. I went to “orientation” where I was told by the teacher “we ask that all parents sign up for helping with one … Read More

The simplest activity helped get my garage clean.

Paper chains!  It’s so easy and inexpensive, yet I completely forgot about their fantastic-ness since becoming a parent.  Until 2 days ago. While Turtle and Buddy played in the driveway after school, I was preparing for an event. I was cutting out handouts with my handy dandy paper cutter (a version of this*) when Buddy asked to help.  He loves … Read More