The 10 Best Valentine’s Day printables (for moms who don’t do Valentine’s Day)

I am not a Valentine’s Day person. Never have been.

To be honest, I’m not really a card person and I feel like that’s basically all Valentine’s Day is. When I was younger, we got a boat load of cards from everyone in class. I never knew when it was acceptable to throw them away.

I remember in 4th or 5th grade, I had tiny Valentine’s Day cards to hand out to all my classmates. Our teacher mentioned that passing out cards would be easier if there were no names on them. So naturally, I signed my name to the card and put a “?” on the “to” line. My mom looked at me like I had 8 heads and made me put a heart sticker over all my question marks. Because, you know, a question mark wasn’t personal enough for a card that we were told not to make personal.

That’s how I feel about Valentine’s Day cards. But now I have kids. And cards are no longer enough. All the other kids brings treats or toys and they’re all so freaking clever about it.

But I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t have it in her to be clever. I’m just the only one to completely forget that Valentine’s Day parties are a thing until the morning of 2/14.

Last year wasn’t as bad. We ate at a restaurant that was right next door to a Dollar Store the day before V-Day. I remembered Buddy had a party the next day so we ducked in and bought some tiny dinosaurs. In one of my most original moves to date, I tied a note to each one that said “I hope your Valentine’s Day is DINO-MITE!” Because I’m awesome, folks.

If you’re like me and can’t make yourself care about the class parties and Valentine’s gifts you’re voluntold to send to school, I thought this list of V-Day printables may come in handy for you.

Valentine’s Day printables

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Before we get into it, let’s define what I consider to be a “good” Valentine’s Day gift. Mainly, it’s easy and requires minimal to no work on my part. Anything that needs to be purchased must be found at 24 hour stores because I’m probably putting this together at 10pm on 2/13 or 6am on 2/14. The goal is to be just good enough so my kid doesn’t get side eye from his pre-K friends.

That said, here are some things that even this lame party mom would consider doing.

1. Coloring Pages

The Balance has a list of free coloring pages you can print for personal use. Pick a handful, print, fold and throw in an envelope with some rogue crayons.

2. Crayons

This “You Color My World” printable from DIY Candy is adorable and another great way to get rid of gift some more of those rogue crayons mentioned above. If you really want to look like you went all out, do this with the coloring pages and you’ll be the talk of the PTA.

DIY Candy –

3. Chips

You can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned Valentine’s Day pun. All you need is a bag of chips and this printable from My3Monsters!


4. Tiny Dinosaurs

I couldn’t resist. I don’t care how overused it is, DINO-MITE is funny. But I’ll admit, Hello Design Meet Life did it way better than me. I got my tiny dinosaurs from the Dollar Store but you can also find them on Amazon.

Hello Design Meet Life –

5. Old School Cards

Star Wars will never not be cool. Mommy Evolution has an awesome Star Wars printable that you can cut into cards. You’ll probably need card stock to get a decent card from your home printer. But you really can’t go wrong this

Valentine's Day Star Wars

Mommy Evolution –

6. Pen or Pencil

Tape a cute pen or pencil to this adorably punny card from I Can Teach My Child. If you want a pen that kids will love but can’t find the shuttle pen, try these gel pens. Turtle and Buddy have these for their journals and can’t get enough.

Write kind of friend Valentine

I Can Teach My Child –

7. Pencil (#2)

Another pencil pun! This one requires a little more assembly than the others but if you have a small class it’s definitely doable. Check out the pencil arrow Valentine from Positively Splendid. And here are some Valentine’s Day themed pencils to kick off your shopping!

Pencil Arrow Valentine

Positively Splendid –


Apparently, I’m a big fan of coloring gifts. But how else am I going to score points with my kids’ teachers? It’s certainly not with my classroom assistant skills. I Should Be Mopping the Floor created printable coloring bookmarks that any age would enjoy. This one is particularly fantastic because the next time I forget to sign Buddy’s folder I can remember that I single-handedly encouraged his classmates to read and be creative. Those double points negate my negligence by a long shot.

I Should Be Mopping The Floor –

9. Temporary Tattoos

Since we’re going for as little work as possible, I have to include buying temporary tattoos in bulk. This gift could last you 3-4 years if you’re stingy enough. Amazon carries a pack of 120 Valentine’s Day temporary tattoos for $9.99. Add this fun printable from Vicky Barone and you’re set!

Valentine's Day temporary tattoos

Cualfec 120 PCS Valentine’s Day Temporary Tattoos


Temp Tattoo Valentine's Day printable

Vicky Barone –

10. Paper Airplanes

The teacher may not appreciate this one but the kids definitely will. Give each child a page from Usborne’s 100 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly with this note stapled to it. Easy peasy!

valentine's day airplane print


What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day gift for your kids’ classmates?